A new sight for the modernized T-90

 Back in 2018, a new programme was started. This programme's focus is to create domestic equipment for Russian armoured vehicles, specifically optics. This is so that the Russian army can stop depending on the french company "Thales" and their Catherine technology. T-72B3 received new internal components for the Sosna-U sight, phasing out any foreign components. As for the T-90M/T-90MS, something else was done.

Previously, the T-90M/T-90MS employed the Sosna-U sight, which featured french components from Thales.

However, the internals of the sight was not simply replaced. This time, a completely new domestic sight was created under the name PNM-T. The sight was reportedly made by the PJSC ANPP TEMP-AVIA in 2018 or 2019.
The first appearance was in the Telekanal Zvezda show, during the episode about the Proryv-3 (T-90M). In this episode, a new plaque can be seen with the name of the sight.

Its first public physical appearance, however, was at the Army-2019 event. The doors of the gunner sight were opened for visitors and the new sight was in view. The sight looks much more similar to the "Sodema" optics, instead of the "Sosna-U". The technical details of this sight are not known, because of its age and the lack of units that feature it. Only two tanks are known to have the sight mounted, through visual evidence, the two mentioned above. More tanks could have had it in small batches, but it is not possible to know without documentation or images.

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