T-90 with a promising sight returns at Army-2021

 During the JSC Rosoboronexport live stream on YouTube which was showcasing the T-90MS to potential buyers (26th August 2021) at the Army-2021 event in Patriot Park, the T-90MS was shown in closeup video. The tank featured a new gunner's multichannel sight, which was also shown at Army-2019 on a different T-90MS in this post.

PNM-T sight
The tank is fitted with the PNM-T domestic sight with new gunner's and commander's control panels, replacing the old Thales manufactured ones. The sight in this instance is green under the beige protective cover, meaning it is a newly produced one compared to the older beige sight on the T-90MS at Army-2019, that had time to be painted in the tank's colours. This brings the confirmed number of tanks which house this sight up to at least 3.

Gunner's position
The characteristics of the sight are not yet known but it is theorized that it uses the latest domestic Russian matrix which is used on other sights as well (640x512).

Commander's position

Taken from: RosOboronExport



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